BORN SEPT 2, 1882
MARRIED OCT.21, 1900
DIED MARCH 28, 1970
BORN OCT 26, 1885
DIED JAN 26 ,1964
Grandma's Feather Bed

by Don Charles Hayworth

The house on Taylor Street in Amarillo is probably the house with the most memories for all the Bryant grand children. The room we all remember the most, has to be the basement. Two full size beds with feather mattresses 3 miles thick. I find it hard that JeDonn did not remember them. I know several of us (and I know who you are) used them for a 1940's trampoline, at least until we got caught and had to leave the basement. To jump and dive into one of those beds is/and was every kids dream. Maybe if we had been quieter, the fun would have lasted longer.

Taylor Street was the usual place where Thanksgiving and Christmas were celebrated. I remember waiting up until the wee hours on Christmas Eve for the last arrivals, usually Uncle Dub, Aunt Evelyn, Uncle DA and Aunt Louise (with kids in tow) from out of town to arrive and then those who had fallen asleep would be awakened and, at long last, we got to open our presents.

We would take some of the out-of-towners to our house, some to Aunt Alpha and Uncle JD's and the rest on palates at Taylor street. Christmas day would be another time for Santa to find each Grandkid and leave the final present for us. The Christmas Feast would happen back at Taylor Street. However, Christmas was not always the only gathering of the clan, sometimes this happened at Thanksgiving (I think the Bryant Family picture was the 1944 Thanksgiving dinner). Roy Jr. (he was in the army) and Jean (she was a WAC) were in the war , fighting to save our freedoms; which explains why they were not included in the portrait. 

My other traumatic memory of Taylor Street happened when I was sick and Mother took me to stay with Grandma and be cared for and medicated. Grandma had several bad experiences with me and castor oil , castor oil was her most beloved cure and any childhood ailment. I could always hold it until the glass was almost empty and then throw it up. This particular time, she had a new idea. GROUND RAISINS and Castor oil mixed. 

After getting the mighty raisin balls down my gullet, she was totally unprepared for the emesis that erupted from my mouth AND to add insult to injury I was down stairs in the basement, very comfy in one of the 2 feather beds. I am not sure how she cleaned up the feather mattress. I cannot stand a ground up raisin, or a cooked one for that matter, to this day. I don't ever remember Grandma trying to use castor oil to cure me again.