Giles B. Calhoun
Mary F. Irvine Calhoun - 1820-1894
The Calhoun's moved to Red River County Texas about one year before the birth of Tennessee. Mary died about six weeks after her child Florence was born, she is buried in the Old City Cemetary. Giles sold his Manchester land and moved to Lamar County Texas. He settled near the Seven Mile Creek, a little southeast of Paris Golf and Country Club, Blossen Community. He married a second time to a women named Neal, she has a son, Jim, from a previous marriage. Giles and Neal had three children, Letha, Billy and Percy, they owned a shoe store in Paris, Texas.
The Old Calhoun Family
(before Giles B. Calhoun - 1700-?
The Calhouns were believed to be originally from Scotland or Ireland. The elder Calhoun came to this country (US) and worked three years or so before sending for his family.
The Calhoun's lived in Florence, Tennessee, where they owned and lived on a large plantation. The Calhoun's had many slaves, and were growers of tabacco. (James W. Booth, a grandson said the plantation was in Alabama.) The family fled their home in Tennessee due to a misunderstanding with the federal government over a tabacco tax. They said the slaves begged to come with them but the Calhouns said they were in enough trouble and they could not ride with them but could follow on foot at their own will. It is not known if the slaves came to Texas. It is believed they moved during or just before the Civil War.