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Japanese Cultural Exchange Wrestling Team  in Montana January 2017



Cultural Exchange Scheduled As of Nov. 26, 2016

If any of your wrestling team member wish to participate in the Japanese Cultural Exchange mixer meets in Missoula, Ronan, Bozeman or Billings Contact:

Missoula: Lanny Bryant / / Cell 408- 544-7434

Ronan: Dave Edington  406-291-0406 or Dave Bennetts / / 406-439-8005

Bozeman: Lowell Springer / / 406-585-2400 

Billings: Dan Elser / / 406-651-5253

2017 Japanese / Montana High School Cultural Exchange To Montana Schedule

The Japanese Team arrives in Montana Jan 4 2017 to compete in Mixers dual meets in Missoula, Ronan, Bozeman and Billings

Where/When: Japan will travel to Montana 1/4/2017 to experience the American culture and wrestle local Montana Mixer teams.

Wed. Jan 4 - Japanese fly to Missoula – Team Leader – Lanny Bryant / / Cell 408- 544-7434

Wed. Jan 4 - Host parents pick up Japanese team at airport at 4:00 PM

Thus. Jan 5 – Host families take the Japanese team to the Elk foundation at 10:00 AM

Thus. Jan 5 – Host families take Japanese to the Univ. of Montana after Lunch

Thus. Jan 5 – Host families take Japanese to Big Sky High for weigh in at 4:00

Thus. Jan 5 – Mixer Dual Meet at Big Sky High School at 6:00 PM

Fri. Jan 6  –  Big Sky High School Junior Varsity Wrestler’s Parents Take the Japanese Team to Ronan Friday morning.

Fri. Jan 6 – Japanese have mixer meet in Ronan – Team Leaders Dave Bennett / / 406-439-8005  - Dave Edington / 406-291-0406

Sat. Jan 7 – Mixer Dual Meet in Ronan

Sun. Jan 8 – Take Japanese to Bozeman – Team Leader Lowell Springer / / 406-585-2400

Mon. Jan 9 –  Host families take the Japanese team to the museum of the Rockies

Mon. Jan 9 – Mixer Dual Meet

Tues. Jan 10 - Japanese Freestyle clinic or cultural activity

Wed. Jan 11 – Take Japanese team to Billings - Team Leader Dan Elser / / 406-651-5253  

Thus. Jan 12 - Mixer Dual Meet 
Fri. Jan 13 – Japanese Freestyle clinic or cultural activity

Sat. Jan 14 - Japanese fly from Billings to Japan - Dan Elser Responsible

The Cooperative States Structure (CSS) asks that you three organizations consider combining together to become the Montana member of the CSS for the three purposes of Restoring College Wrestling, Girls Cultural Exchange & Boys Cultural Exchange. Montana would be expected to work together to deliver a program in all three divisions. Your respective roles and relationships could be specified in the yet-to-bewritten By-laws.

I hope to be able to make a presentation sometime during the convention. Please let us know if you are interested in Joining the CSS. Our parent body gave WA & OR permission to administer the historic national HS boys Cultural Exchange program that began in 1962, now in its 56th year. CA and MT joined the CSS next. This summer we have three member states wrestling in Japan competing with our Prefecture counterparts and where we will be developing a written protocol to guide the birth of a high school girls cultural exchange program, hopefully within the next few years. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE 3 LINKS BELOW AS EXAMPLES

A1) RCWOR main website with many different menu sections to explore.

A2) Sister facebook page with latest scrolling news. Signup for periodic newsletter.

A3) Restore College Wrestling-Oregon division OWA adds its 11th division.


                                     Article 1: Name & Identity

1.1  NAME. The name of this organization shall be RESTORE COLLEGE WRESTLING - MONTANA (RCWMT).

1.2  IDENTITY: RCWMT is a Division of the Montana Wrestling Association(MWA)

                                     Article 2: Purpose

To educate post secondary institutions of learning about the value and practicality of reinstating, maintaining, and supporting a college wrestling team. To identify Montana wrestling fans and supporters who share a common interest in restoring lost college programs and supporting ongoing ones.


                                    Article 3: Governance Structure

3.1 The Restore College Wrestling MT Steering Committee(RCWMT SC) is group of wrestling advocates who have volunteered time and money to develop an awareness of the significant reduction of post secondary level opportunities in wrestling in Montana. This group will be responsible for developing By Laws and identifying a Board of Directors for RCWMT. This will be done in a way that is consistent with the By Laws of MWA. Once selected the Board of Directors will make all binding decisions for RCWMT consistent with MWA. The Steering Committee will then operate only in an advisory capacity.

3.2 Board of Directors.

3.2.1 Terms of office and selection of Board Members. All Board members will be appointed to three year terms, with the exception of the initial Board. To get the rotation started, three Board members will have a term of one year, three have an initial term of two years and the final three will have three year terms. At least one member of the Steering Committee will be a member of the initial Board and will convene the first meeting.

Subsequent Board members will be elected by the current Board at the Annual meeting. In the event any member of the Board is unable to finish his term of office, the Chairman of the Board will appoint someone to complete his term. If no replacement can be found in a timely manner the Board can continue it’s work as long the number of Board members totals at least 7.

3.2.2 Board Meetings. The Board will meet at least twice per year, one being an Annual meeting where elections will be held. Board meetings must be advertised at least 3 months in advance. A minimum of 5 Board members must be present at any meeting to conduct business. In the event official decisions must be made between regular business meetings, the Chairman can do so with recorded input(possibly electronic) from a total of at least 5 Board members.

3.2.3 The Chairman of the Board will be elected by the members of the Board present at the Annual meeting and will serve for one year. The first Board Chairman will be selected by the Chairman of RCWMT SC, in consultation with the Board members. The Board at the first meeting of the members will select a Vice Chairman.

In the event the Board Chairman is unable to complete his term of election, the Vice Chair will fill the remainder of his term. A quorum of the remaining Board members will select his successor as Vice Chair from among the remaining Board members.

The Chairman of the Board’s ballot will serve as the tiebreaker, in the event any decision voted upon by the Board ends in a tie. The foregoing assumes that the number voting meets minimum guidelines.

.3.2.4 The Board will elect a Treasurer to oversee and record all financial transactions, including paying bills, acknowledging and receipting all donations, and keep records in a transparent way that is consistent with the policies of the parent organization(OWA). Results of financial transactions should be reported to the full Board and the OWA in a timely fashion.

3.2.5 The Board will elect a Secretary who will record Board deliberations and be responsible for reporting all such information back to the Board in a timely fashion. The secretary will also see that the work of any standing committee is reported to the Board.

                                     Article 4: Standing Committees

The Board can designate standing Committees, consisting of people with special skills/interests related to RCWMT mission. These committees, consisting primarily of volunteers with a vested interest in the RCWMT mission, will each report to the Board on any matters they undertake. An individual Board member will be assigned the responsibility of overseeing the work of each Standing Committee and reporting back to the Board. Standing committees can be expanded or terminated by a majority vote of the Board. Potential standing committees of value might have a focus on the following: Website and Facebook supervision; Fundraising, Archive building, Media contact, College contact oversight, Supporter Database management, Social event coordinator, etc.

                                     Article 5: Amendments to By Laws

Any amendments to the Bylaws of RCWMT must be done in a manner consistent with the parent organization(OWA) and must be approved by a majority of the Board members.

                                     Article 6: Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the RCWmT Division of OWA for any reason, any residual funds must be distributed to the colleges supporting intercollegiate wrestling in the State of Oregon at the time of dissolution and the OWA. Each college and the OWA must receive an equal share.

 **Educating with intelligence, determination, integrity & accountability**  

NOTE: On Feb 26 the CSS conducted a face-to-face meeting in Palo Alto where Lanny Bryant was at the table and we used a dial-in number to get electronic input from Dave Bennetts, Dan Elser and others.   Mark your calendars for the next CSS meeting perhaps from Japan in June or on Oct 27 from Yakima.  

NOTE: On Feb 26 the CSS conducted a face-to-face meeting in Palo Alto where Lanny Bryant was at the table and we used a dial-in number to get electronic input from Dave Bennetts, Dan Elser and others.   Mark your calendars for the next CSS meeting perhaps from Japan in June or on Oct 27 from Yakima.  

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John Dustin -

Japanese Cultural Exchange Wrestling Team  in Montana Jan. 4 to Jan. 14 2017

Montana Cultural Exchange Wrestling Team to Japan June 20th 2017