Amber Dawn Wolfe

Amber Dawn

"golden morning" - in honor of  1) Resurrection Morning; 2) the peace & joy that Shannon experienced after Amber's birth; and 3).

 April 3rd, 2007

7:57 pm

5lbs 5oz

18 inches

The beauty I saw from our living room window as the sun rose over the mountains and shone on a fresh blanket of snow the morning of Amber's birthday

To me, it a great testimony of God's handiwork & wisdom to hold her and observe her tiny features.

 We praise Him for such a precious gift and His kindness to Shannon.   Even though we live with the curse of Genesis 3, her pain was less this time.   Her attitude was a testimony to all of the nurses and doctors present.   There were 2 doctors, a midwife, and 2 nurses watching her give birth.    Each said they have never observed a mother so quiet, calm, and controlled during birth.   Shannon was smiling, laughing, and carrying on a conversation in-between contractions.   Even immediately after the birth, she just kept on smiling and talking to the doctors.

By my dad, Matt Wolfe