Lanny Bryant - Owner, Editor

Lanny Bryant has spent a lifetime devoted to wrestling. He was a very successful high school and collegiate wrestler, an extraordinary high school coach and administrator, a college coach and the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wrestling USA Magazine.

Lanny competed in junior high and high school at Colorado Springs, and later at the University of Northern Colorado. He strongly felt that the schoolboy wrestler and his coach were not receiving adequate information and recognition. While teaching biology and coaching in Worland, Wyoming, he joined with two other wrestling coaches with the same dream and Scholastic Wrestling News was born. In 1976 the Bryant Family became the sole owners of Wrestling USA magazine, formerly Scholastic Wrestling News.

He retired from teaching and coaching in 1987, and took a leap of faith. Wrestling USA magazine became a full time job. The decision was a good one as the magazine has only gotten better. The magazine is now in its 54th year of publishing. Lanny is careful to keep his information outlets focused on the positive aspects of amateur wrestling, with an emphasis on scholastic wrestling.

Lanny Bryant's contribution to wrestling through this publication is immeasurable. He has done more to elevate awareness of the high school talent than anyone in the sport.

He also contributed to the sport of wrestling by serving as Coach of the Montana and Wyoming High School Cultural Exchange Teams, the National Coach of the USA Junior World Team, the USA Junior Teams to Russia and Poland, and Team Leader for the USA World-Schoolboy Team in Stockholm, Sweden, and Mexico City. He has become a fixture at the NCAA tournaments, USA Wrestling Championships and other regional and national competitions through the United States.

In 2009 Lanny made the decision to return to high school wrestling and took the head wrestling coach position at Big Sky High School in Missoula, Montana and retired in 2017.

          1965 Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wrestling USA Magazine

          National Coach for the USA Junior World Team

    •       Leader for the USA World-Schoolboy Team

          2003 National Wrestling Hall of Fame - Order of Merit Winner•             

            2007 AAU Wrestling Hall of Fame

Cody Bryant - Managing Editor

Cody continued his wrestling career at Louisiana State University in 1984-85, but after the program was dropped he returned to Montana and wrestled for his father again at Montana State University for two years. Unfortunately in 1987 the Montana State program was dropped and he ventured to and wrestled for California State Fullerton and was a NCAA Division I qualifier his senior year in Oklahoma City. Cody spend one year as an assistant coach at California State University under head coach Dan Lewis before returning back to Montana.

In 1992 Cody took the head coaching job at Hellgate High School where he produced two state champions and several finalist. After seven years, he stepped down from coaching until his father took the head coaching job in 2009 at Big Sky High School in Missoula.

Why Wrestle?

Wrestling prepares a boy to fight the game of life. The Wrestler is the one athlete who must meet his opponent and do battle completely on his own; no one can substitute; no time outs are possible. He has no one to check, screen, block or assist him in any way; there is no one to blame for his mistakes. When he wins; he must show pride and modesty; when he loses, the responsibility is his.

No sport requires more sacrifice than wrestling. The individual, through self-denial. offers More to his character then can ever be explained here. It is something he carries with him throughout life, and through every trial, test, and tribulation.

Wrestling is a common heritage of all ages - of all civilizations, It offers the inimitable thrill of individual combat under socially acceptable conditions. it efforts unrivaled useful skills. It demands independence of thought and action, and encourages self-confidence and self-restraint. It contributes to the development of well rounded personality, and increases one's capacity for an active and abundant life. Our hope is that, in the future, the joys, the experiences, and benefits of this time honored sport may be brought in larger measure to an even increasing host of American Youth.


• Help you improve your wrestling technique.

• Teach you how to Develop better match strategies.

• Give you the best in coaching tips from the nation's best coaches.

• Show you the nation's award winning wrestling action photos.

• Give you advise from National and Olympic wresting champions.

• Show you the latest in Sports medicine for wrestlers.

• Tell you about wrestling dynasties on the high school and college levels

• Keep you updated on the nations best wrestlers with our national high

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• Keep you updated with the national high school team rankings

• Keep you updated with the national college wrestlers and team rankings

• Tell you about weight training for wrestlers

• Recognize the nation's best seniors, "High School All-America Teams"

• Show you who are the best wrestlers and teams in your state

• Give you the history of the nation's best wrestlers, wrestling teams

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• Let you know who are the best in kid wrestling in the USA.

• Have historical articles on past high school and college wrestlers and

wrestling teams.

• Give you the results of the state high school championships.

• Give you full results of the Olympic, world, Junior and cadet national



Cody Bryant has been the Managing Editor of Wrestling USA Magazine since graduating from California State Fullerton in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. In the early years his job consisted of data entry and prepress work for the magazine. In recent years it has involved putting together the magazine including layout and design.

Cody started wrestling in the 2nd grade through the AAU organization in Montana which included state, regional and national competition throughout his years in freestyle. He was a three-time state champion in high school while wrestling for his father at Hellgate

High School in Missoula, Montana.