Wrestling USA Magazine High School National Awards

How To Send National Award Nominations

     1.     To nominate an individual for a National Award please send a 750 word biography about the nominee written in a form

     which could be used in the magazine

     2.      A photo quality head shot of the nominee following the Photo Quality information above.

     1.      Nomination Deadline: April 1. The article and photos can be e-mailed to: cody@wrestlingusa.com

Nominations can be sent for the following:

Master of Wrestling                    Coach of-the-Year                                Manager of-the-Year                        State Person of-the-Year

Man of-the-Year                         Assistant Coach of-the-Year                Photographer of-the-Year                State Editor of-the-Year

Official of-the-Year                     Coach’s Wife of-the-Year                     Sportswriter of-the-Year                  Publication of-the-Year

How To Send Articles and Photos To Us

If you want your article to be considered for publishing in Wrestling USA Magazine. Along with your article you must send a  head shot photo of yourself and other photos pertaining to the article.

Photo Quality:

     1.     Scanned or digital photo must be 300 dpi resolution or higher to insure good quality for print.

     2.     Format as a jpeg or tiff.

     3.     Or a printed photo of good quality.

     4.     Schedule on right can be followed if you want your article to be in a specific issue.